Blake Bjornstad

The heart

  • Brains
    • Medicine
  • Muscle
    • Climb
  • Moves
    • Make Music
  • Cool
    • Borrow

A.S. In Nuclear Medicine. Won most improved in 2001 A.A.U little league baseball. Was also once told I have ""Quiet Swag"" I feel this was the greatest compliment I have ever received and shows appropriately what I could bring to the team. I have many drama awards from my acting days in high school; including a ‘Superior’ rank at State Finals for Ensemble Musical. I love to dance when the moment takes me.

I’m broke and willing to work weekends/nights. I was under the impression I would not have to submit to a drug test. Let it be known upfront I refuse to sign a waiver of consent for said test. That said I have used drugs recreationaly in my past, however, have been clean for some time.

Blake Bjornstad

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