Ghostbusters: Resurrection

Artistic Liberties

Finally in Germany, the Ghostbusters follow the clues leading to a local artist who is in desperate need of some help. Horrible nightmares, strange murals, and terrifying sculptures are but a mere sneak peek of the horrors to come. For what lies ahead, four Ghostbusters may not be enough…

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Gut Busters

Just when they thought this trip to Europe couldn’t get any stranger… the Ghostbusters now think they’ve encountered a real vampire! All clues point towards some spooky activity in Germany, but before our heroes can continue the investigation- they need to make some money! Thankfully, the hotel is willing to pay big bucks to help solve a “thirteenth floor” phenomenon that is threatening their guests.

Numb Skulls

While exploring the catacombs under Paris, the Ghostbusters are captured by an army of skeletons! In order to prove they’re the good guys, our heroes are “drafted” into an underground turf war with the fate of Paris hanging in the balance. But bones aren’t all that’s lurking deep within the Parisian underground… more black slime, and a mysterious villain who may be the key to everything await. Strap on your ecto-goggles and fire up your proton pack. There’s danger at every turn.

Soupe Esprit

After arriving in Paris, our heroes learn that the International Busters were last seen several days ago at a haunted restaurant called La Boutique Fromage. Once there, the Central Florida Ghostbusters encounter a dead chef with a dark secret that leads the team deep within the Parisian catacombs. They’re in some hot soup now!

Spectral Training

Following a tip from someone who spoke with the International Busters before their disappearance, the Central Florida Ghostbusters hop on a train bound for France. However, the train is forced to stop halfway through The Chunnel when it runs across a certain evil black ooze. Things take a ghastly turn once our heroes step into the darkness 75 meters below the English Channel.

Where Wolf

As the full moon rises, the guys go back into the sewers armed with tranquilizer guns full of positive slime. Meanwhile, LaForge tracks down a living descendant of Van Helsing believing they may unwittingly hold some valuable secrets on how to defeat monsters. Can the Ghostbusters defeat the “alpha wolf” and find a cure for lycanthropy before Billy transforms?

Wolf’s Bane

An American werewolf meets the Central Florida Ghostbusters in London, and recently discovered corpses suggest he’s not the only one. Without proper sleep, vehicles, or equipment, our heroes start an investigation in hopes to find a cure. But things really get hairy once the Ghostbusters dive into the sewers beneath London.

Containment Crisis

The Central Florida Ghostbusters have just landed in England and they’re already up to their necks in trouble. After the Containment Unit goes offline, the guys scramble to fix it before the backup battery runs out. Soon after, the Ghostbusters find a clue leading them to the apartment of a Victoria’s Secret model. But when her former stalker returns from the grave for vengeance, our heroes come face to face with a deadly unexpected twist.

Tailwind Terror

The Central Florida Ghostbusters are packed up and on their way to London to help find the missing Ghostbusters international team. Several hours into their flight, they find themselves in the middle of a thunderstorm being chased by a crashed DC-9 from the 1960s! Can the Ghostbusters save the day before becoming the passenger list on a plane marked for death?


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